Mt. Baden Powell, Angeles National Forest

I absolutely loved this strenuous hike located near Wrightwood, California. It is not like other hikes in the Angeles National Forest where you are walking along a fire road. You are actually on a trail that is wide enough for two people (max) to walk next to each other underneath the towering trees that shade you. This is approximately an 8-mile hike with a ~2,600-foot elevation gain. We were able to complete this hike in 3 hours & 19 minutes but on average it takes people around 5-6 hours.

This hike is not easy & is incredibly rewarding once you reach the summit. It is not every day that you can find a hike an hour out of Los Angeles that makes you feel like you’re truly in the forest. If you plan on doing this hike I recommend you start early, bring a lot of water, & some snacks that are high in protein to enjoy at the top. I also like to hike with hiking poles. That is a personal preference of mine but it helps with steep ascents and descents. Whatever works for you, just get out there and go!

Our Mt. Baden Powell Hiking Stats:

  • 8 Miles
  • 2,603 Ft Elevation Gain
  • 24 Minutes per Mile
  • 3 Hours & 19 Minutes to Complete

So jump on the freeway & get out of Los Angeles for the day and enjoy an amazing workout outside!

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Now, let’s go do something! I hope to see you out there enjoying what our outdoors have to offer.

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