Abalone Cove

Abalone Cove located off the coast of Palos Verdes, California is a fun place to go cliff jumping in the summer when the surf is small (check Surfline) and the tide is high! Although there have been many accidents over at Abalone Cove people need to remember the ocean can be dangerous during rough conditions and jumping from a rock where there is a cave you can get pushed into is not a safe place for big or rough surf.  I would suggest hiking in just your bathing suit, wearing shoes (even while jumping), and bringing your GoPro.

The View

Getting there: 

Abalone Cove is probably one of my favorite drives down Palos Verdes Drive West,  If you plug in Abalone Cove on your GPS it’ll take you to the parking lot where you can hike down to the jump.  Parking cost a few bucks I know it’s lame.  Once you get to the parking lot you hike down the trail and go left towards the rocks, there is a little trail on the side of a cliff you take.  You walk through tide pools next to the ocean, then you have to pass two trenches that you must swim through to get to the other side.  These trenches aren’t bad they are very easy to get through during small swells.  After you pass these trenches you must walk around a corner and past a rocky beach and you have arrived!

The Jump

It will look like the image above! Once you arrive make sure to assess where you want to jump and the depth with the tide! As you can see I went on a very mellow day during high tide.

Once you are there start jumping 🙂 you can jump from either side of the rock or even from the top middle if you are skilled enough!


Get in your car, and Go Do Something!

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