1,000 Steps Beach

Looking for a cool beach to explore on a nice summer day? Check out 1,000 steps beach in Laguna Beach.


To get to 1,000 Steps beach you open up your GPS type it in and go! Parking is minimal and it is a small opening off of PCH so keep your eyes pealed.  Your phone will take you right to the stair case, get ready for a major booty workout because it is 200+ stairs to get to this beautiful beach.

At this beach there is a really cool area of tide pools & man made beach front infinity pools (yes real freakin’ pools).  Make sure to go at low tide and when there isn’t any surf because lifeguards won’t let you go down the path if the conditions aren’t right.  You walk down the stairs and head left if you are looking at the ocean.  The sand will turn into rocks and you have to scale through this little cave.

The cave you walk through

On the other side, there are some amazing and beautiful sights to see.  Make sure to wear some sort of shoes because the rocks are sharp and rigid. Once you arrive enjoy your soak in the clear salty calm water.  To get to the beach front pools you have to keep going left past the tide pools & down a little cliff, don’t worry you will see them.  I 100% recommend checking those out because I have never seen anything like it!



beach front pools


chilling in the beach front pool
Natural tide pools 
those views though

So if you are in the area and want a nice beach get away with amazing views and some tide pooling adventures definitely check out 1,000 steps beach.

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