Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek Hot Springs might be one of the coolest hot spring set ups I have ever been to.  These hot springs have 5+ man crafted pools and all of these pools are different temperatures.  So if you like getting cooked or just like a luke warm soak they have it all, literally. There is also a giant creek that you can swim in to cool down during the day, it is a great place to make a day trip or camp for the night!

Chillin in the creek

How to get there: 

The Drive: Go on your maps and put in Deep Creek Hot springs and it will take you to the parking lot to these hot springs, it is about a 1.5-2 hour drive from Los Angeles depending on traffic.  Parking at this lot costs money but if you aren’t looking to off-road more than you have to I suggest just going to this parking lot (they don’t actually enforce the over night parking thing).  But if you are like me and my boyfriend you want to go for free and off-road as much as you can there is another route.  If you put Deep Creek Hot springs in your maps and go basically to the entrance there is a right you can make up a tiny pot holed hill and that road takes you to a place where you can actually park for free.  (We obviously go there lol).

The Hike In: 

The hike in is a medium hike, there is a steep decline on the way down to the springs and a steep incline on the way back.  Depending on where you park it is about a 1.5-3 miles to the hot springs! It usually takes us about an hour to hike in and out but we also like to hike farely fast. It is a really beautiful but can be challenging definitely go before the heat! I personally like going in the Month of November or May because it isn’t ridiculously hot during the day.

Hiking views


sunset hike out


We have arrived

What to bring: 

  • Water (a few gallons worth)
  • Camlebag
  • Food
  • Good hiking shoes
  • Camping gear (if you spend the night)
  • Birksun backpack (to charge everything)
  • Floatie
  • Hat/ Sunscreen
  • Gopro
  • Wine bag

Where we camped:

There are many campsites at this location but my favorite so far is the beach when you first arrive at the hot springs on the left.  It is a private beach right on the creek across from the hot springs.  You just have to be creative with your campsites, look around and find a nice clear patch and set up!

Soakin’ in the Springs: 


Slack lining


My favorite tub


The hot springs is a very cool and unique place located on the back side of Big Bear.  Seriously, if you ever have the chance you should get your butt over to Apple Valley and make the trek down to these amazing man made springs.  You won’t regret it!

Naked Local showing off his slack line skills

P.S you are allowed to go nakey if that is your style you have been warned 😉

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