Did You Know There is A Rotating Tram in Palm Springs?



I personally had NO CLUE that there was a rotating tram located in Palm Springs.  My boyfriend surprised me actually on Valentine’s Day by not telling me where or what we were going to but by just telling me to bring “Something for hot weather, and snow gear”. So in great confusion I packed myself a duffle bag because ski clothes are not small, and we set off on our drive.  In the car I kept guessing where we were going and every time I was wrong.  Until we pulled up to the base of this mountain and I saw the rotating tram. At the base of the mountain it was 90+ degrees but once we got to the top, we were playing in snow.  It was literally the most amazing Valentine’s day surprise ever.




While at the top we hiked around the mountain, played in the snow, walked through the cool museum, and ate dinner at the top at sunset 🙂


I would 100% recommend spending a day and riding the Palm Springs tram, it is a very unique and different experience.  I mean come on just look at that amazing dinner view! After experiencing the climate change I would definitely recommend bringing snow shoes (not sandals lol) and a nice warm jacket.  If you are like me and want to throw some snow bring some snow gloves too, oh and don’t forget the sled!   Now get in your car and put Palm Springs Aerial Tram in your GPS and hit it, you won’t regret it!


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