Shark Diving, Elephant Riding & Safari

Back in the day I was lucky enough to go to South Africa with my family for my parents 25th anniversary.  It was honestly one of the coolest trips I have ever been on and if you ever have the opportunity get your butt to South Africa!

While in South Africa I did so much cool stuff that I will honestly never forget, lets start with my favorite Shark Cage Diving

The Boat

My Sister an I on our second time in the cage
Shark Cage Diving: 

If you ever get the chance to go dive in a cage where you can see sharks in their natural habitat it is pretty cool.  My sister, my mom, and I all put on the gnarly wetsuits and jumped in the frigid water off the coast of South Africa in Klein Bay to get a glimpse at these giant sea creatures.

The Super Cute Wetsuits

Getting to see a shark so close made me realize that they aren’t vicious animals.  They swim with grace and confidence and are such beautiful creatures. That by far was my favorite part of my journey to South Africa, but it doesn’t end there…

The next thing on our list was Table Mountain, the rotating tram that takes you to this amazing view of Cape town. If you aren’t afraid of heights and want to take a trip to the top of the world basically try the tram!


Next on the list, we saw the Cape of Good Hope! The cape of good hope was also really cool, there were a LOT of baboons. Those things are vicious.

And the rest of our trip we spent in the Sabi Sands where we went on safari for a few days.  We stayed at this AMAZING place called Kirkland Camp that had the most amazing staff in the entire world.  They kept us safe and got us up close and personal to some big animals.

The coolest adventure car ever

As you can see, we got so close! Some of the other cool things about going on safari was getting to eat meals on the bush, I felt like the real life Eliza Thornbery.

The last super cool adventurous and crazy thing we did in South Africa (yes there is more) was ride elephants.  My family and I went to an elephant sanctuary and rode the gentle giants!

Honestly this was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had and am so thankful for being able to have seen and done all these really rad things!  So I hope I persuaded you to book a ticket to South Africa and go see some crazy animals in there natural habitats and have the most ultimate adventure.

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