Potato Chip Rock

You are probably thinking, ” what is a Potato Chip rock? Is it edible?”.  That is exactly what I was thinking the whole hike up to this crazy rock formation.


Well, this is potato chip rock, it is a cool and extremely weird rock formation located in sunny San Diego.  People from all over the Southern California area drive to hike this elusive potato chip shaped rock for the cool photos.  The hike to this food shaped rock is approximately 8 miles round trip with a 1,843 foot elevation gain.  The beginning of the hike is basically an uphill booty workout!  My boyfriend and I decided to alternate between hiking up and running up the trail because we were kind of rushed on this hike.  We did the whole hike with a photoshoot in about two hours or so!  I would recommend to set aside a few hours to complete this hike if you want to enjoy all it has to offer. The trail is very easy to find with abundant street parking, just look up Potato Chip Rock on your GPS and you should be solid.  Also, expect a lot of really cool boulders on your way up!  Once you reach the top it starts to flatten out and even go downhill a little.  You will pass some power poles but keep going, that means you are almost there!  Don’t be shocked if there is a line to take photos on the rock, after all it is pretty darn cool.


What To Bring: 

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable running/hiking shoes
  • a snack
  • a cool picture idea
  • camera
  • birksun backpack to keep all your gear charged 🙂

If you are in the San Diego area I would definitely recommend this awesome hike to get some great exercise.  I would recommend going during a cooler day, 60’s-70’s because it is a pretty strenuous uphill hike so you don’t want to go when it is to hot.  If you are from Los Angeles it is definitely making a day trip out of, it is around a 2 hour drive and offers some crazy views.  You can also make it a weekend adventure and do some camping and other hikes in the San Diego area, that place is absolutely stunning!

Namaste from Potato Chip Rock

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