Cliff Jumping in our Back Yard

Malibu Creek State Park, one of the coolest features of living in Southern California.  We literally have a place to do everything here it’s insane.  At Malibu Creek there is always a crowd of fun adventurous people who want to jump off some big rocks (as you can see in the photo below).  The cliff/rock jumping spot offers jump heights for everyone ranging from 5 feet to 50+ feet.

img_2660 img_0463

To get to this rock jump it is pretty simple, but be prepared to hike a little ways, basically just put Malibu Creek State Park on your GPS and get in the car.  It is roughly an 1-2 hour drive from Los Angeles depending on traffic and where exactly you leave from.  It’s a beautiful drive though.  Once you arrive you park on the side of the road (there will probably be other cars there) and there is a sign saying Malibu Creek.  You basically just follow the path for a little over a mile and you will arrive to this watering hole in the middle of the Malibu Mountains.  The hike is very easy it is just a straight shot with minimal ups & downs.

I would recommend wearing shoes you don’t mind to get wet, bringing some water, snacks, a GoPro, and obviously your birksun backpack.  Also the best time of year to hit these cliff jumps is in May because it is less crowded, the weather is perfect for hiking, the water is so  much cleaner and there will be way more water at this time of year.  The rangers say it’s because of the snow runoff! If you go here around August the water will be brown and low (yucky), so definitely make it a weekend plan in May because it is really an awesome outdoor adventure that everyone can enjoy.

It is an awesome hike
Jumping from 25 foot rock


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