Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks


If you want to discover the giants of California, Sequoia is probably your best bet.  Our trip to these two awesome national parks was very last minute and had a more important purpose, we camped here one night t0 pick up our new puppy the next afternoon 🙂

But on our excursion we discovered many cool things that you can do in theses parks.  If you have enough gas, drive, and energy you can basically see both parks in two days.  While we were there we didn’t do any extensive hiking just loop trails to see the enormous trees because most of the park was still closed.  While we were there it was also a lightning and thunderstorm with tons of rain (so it made it hard to do lots of crazy hiking). While camping in Kings Canyon, we were the only other car there (I think the rain scared away all the crowds).  While camping in Kings Canyon we got the opportunity to watch first hand the crazy electrical storm from our tent, one of the scariest things I have ever watched.    The next morning after the storm we woke up in the canyon and you could smell the fresh air.  Everything was a beautiful green color, driving through that canyon was an experience of a lifetime with no other cars.  Parts of the canyon walls would perturbed out and you’d think, “How is our car not hitting this canyon wall right now?”.

What We Did in Both Parks:  

  • Drove through a sequoia img_1472
  • Grant Grove
  • Grizzly Falls


  • Roaring River Falls


What To Bring: 

  • Rain Gear
  • Camping Supplies
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Bathing Suit (when its nice they have rock jumps)
  • Gopro (camera)
  • Hot Coco
  • Birksun backpack to keep all your necessities charged so you don’t miss a moment on your adventure



If you are ever looking for a close adventure to Los Angeles, fill up your tank and head to Sequoia.  It is seriously only a few hours from Los Angeles and offers and amazing experience because those trees are pretty darn cool.  I would suggest going in May even though it is cooler, you beat the heat and crowds and get to really enjoy the park without all the tourists around.

So those are my tips 🙂 Check it out and go explore what California has to offer!


P.S if you read all the way to the end you get to hear about a cool hot spring:

On the way home we also stopped in these hard to find hot springs near Lake Isabella called Remington Hot springs.  They were located on the edge of river with cows surrounding it.  If you are driving back to Los Angeles, I would suggest make a pit stop to these amazing hot springs.


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