Crowley Lake Columns, Mammoth Lakes

Welcome to Mars aka Crowley Lake Columns in Mammoth Lakes, California. Crowley Lake is located off of the 395 between Bishop & Mammoth Lakes. It is a well-known lake for bass fishing in the summertime.

Chilling at Crowley Lake

We decided to take a weekend camping trip and camp on the beach at Crowley Lake to see the columns. If you ever have time to check this cool rock formation out I would highly recommend it.

Directions to the Columns

Getting to the columns is fairly easy once you put the information on maps on your phone. I would recommend making sure you have the directions loaded before you get off of the 395 because you will lose cell reception. In order to access the columns via the beach, you will need a car with higher clearance. You do not need 4×4 but it would be helpful. You can also access the columns by boat or hike in from above. If you plan on hiking in I would do more research about finding the trailhead!

Once you make it to the beach you can either keep driving over the rocks or walk. We decided to walk! The walk is very short to the columns from the beach. We went in late July so it was on the warmer side (mid-90s) so make sure to bring lots of water if you plan on hanging out for the day.

These columns are truly spectacular & a great place to camp. We definitely will be back here again enjoying the tranquil beach. It was not very crowded since these columns are not very publicized. The Eastern Sierras have so much to offer & we are still exploring something new every time we have the chance to visit! We absolutely love adventuring up there, no matter the season there is still always something amazing to explore. So jump in your car and go see these stone formations that are just off of the 395!

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