Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls is located in the small city of Dunsmuir, California!  It is a very beautiful hike but, requires a little bit of trespassing. If you go the right way through Hedge Creek Falls it should only be two miles.


The way we entered into the falls was through hoping a fence, sliding down a dirt cliff to reach this obscure trail, we trekked through bushes and finally made it to this train track. I don’t think we followed the instructions correctly but hey it was an adventure (LOL). Of course, my boyfriend had to climb the incredibly old train bridge (that is still active) that was 50 feet above a river.

Once you pass this bridge there is a cairn on the left that takes you to the next trail. This trail takes you to the falls!


The water is pretty much the absolute coldest water I have ever swum in (pretty much like taking an ice bath).

If you are passing through Dunsmuir I highly recommend stopping at this magnificent waterfall. I recommend that you walk from Hedge Creek Falls direction instead of scaling down the cliffs like we did. Both waterfalls are a great pit stop!

Now get out and do something!


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