Hedge Creek Falls

Also located in Dunsmuir California literally right next to Mossbrae falls is Hedge Creek Falls! If you are stopping at either make sure to try and see both! It is a great stop and a fun adventure.

To get to Hedge Creek Falls there is a trail located right off of the freeway in Dunsmuir. It is an incredibly easy hike roughly .5 miles. The waterfall is definitely an interesting one! It is like a natural shower so definitely hike in your bathing suit.


We walked from Mossbrae falls to Hedge Creek Falls (I believe it is definitely easier to walk from Hedge to Mossbrae and back to Hedge roughly 2 miles). To get to Mossbrae from Hedge you just keep hiking down the trail, cross the river (we saw a friend), and walk a little bit down the train tracks.

I hope that if you are ever in the area you take a break and check out these two fun stops. The falls run year round and are a great way to stretch your legs during a long road trip!


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