Crater Lake National Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to. The lake is an amazing color of blue, when I first saw it I was in aw. This national park is something everyone needs to visit if you’re in Oregon (or even if you are not). We only had two nights at this park but I wish we were there longer!


While we were there: 

Cleetwood Cove Trail: This is the trail you take to get to the rock jump located on the lake. It is roughly 2 miles round trip but is a pretty rigorous hike. It is difficult because of the 700-foot ascent/decent switchbacks but 100% worth it!

Things to bring: 

  • Water (it is a long hike and you can hang out all day at the bottom)
  • Snacks/lunch
  • Swim Suit
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Fishing poles
  • Camera


I mentioned above a rock jump. I highly recommend jumping into the cleanest lake in the United States it is incredibly refreshing (even though the water is a little chilly).


Camp Site: Mazama Campground (open mid-June to late September)

This campsite was great! It had a little store with beer/cider, food, clothes, and basic camping gear. It also had showers, nice bathrooms, and laundry if you needed to clean up! We really enjoyed camping at this site but it was fairly crowded in August. If you are able to make a reservation I recommend it because there were not many available first come first serve spots.

Make sure to bring some s’mores stuff because the campsite is also equipt with a fire pit :)! I absolutely love a good summer night roasting marshmallows knowing that tomorrow great hikes and views await.


I hope you stop on your next road trip to see this beautiful lake. I think that you honestly need three nights here because it is just such a great and beautiful place. The campsite is a tad expensive $22 a night but, still worth it!

Now pack your car and Let’s Go Do Something!



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