Lassen Volcanic National Park

While road-tripping through California on our way to Oregon we found a fun and a quite snowy pit stop especially for mid-August!


Lassen National Park is roughly 574 miles out of Los Angeles but, it is a must-see pit stop on the way to Crater Lake National Park or if you are visiting the Subway Caves. While we were there many of the hikes were closed due to excessive snowfall but, we were still able to get a glimpse of some amazing natural wonders.

Where we camped:

Juniper Lake Campsite where we were lucky enough to find a space since it is first to come first serve. The campsite is $12 a night but has astonishing lakefront sites!


The water was a little on the chilly side but definitely refreshing. Some perks of this site (besides the amazing lake) were bathrooms, bear boxes, a nearby town, and fire pits (YAY S’MORES!)


What to See in the Park:

  1. The Geothermal Areas are amazing, definitely worth the trek to see the Sulfur Springs and the effect it has on the surrounding geology.


2. The park is just full of beautiful lakes, I recommend driving through the entire park and peaking at them. They are a little chilly but having a snowball fight next to a lake in August is definitely something to cross off of your bucket list!


3. There are tons of great hikes! I am planning on coming back to this place to explore hopefully everything will be open! Seeing this volcanic wonderland is a must see on your next road trip, it is one of many great pit stops.




Put some gas in that car and let’s go do something! 


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