Northern Nights 2016

There are only a few words I could use to describe Northern Nights… It was literally the most down to earth amazing festival I have yet to experience with a freakin’ river stage.  Northern Nights is located underneath the red woods on the eel river in Northern California.  It takes place at Cooks Valley Campground in Piercy, California. If you want to experience a festival with amazing vibes, organized, fun, and great talent you should definitely check out this forrest festival.

What We Did:


My Boyfriend, me, and his friend Jef all drove down early in the morning (like really early) to get breakfast in San Francisco and sight see a little bit.  Then from their we kept driving up the highway and camped on some random spot we found just a few hours out of the festival.  We stopped at the Walmart on the way got some essentials (wine bag, beer, etc).  Then the next morning we got up and drove the rest of the way down to the festival that is literally right off the highway in the middle of nowhere NorCal.  It was roughly an 8-9 hour drive from Los Angeles so be prepared.

Main Stage

Northern Nights has four main stages:

  • The Main Stage
  • River Stage
  • Grove Stage
  • Silent Disco

And a few secret stages scattered around:

  • Lemon Stage
  • Medieval Stage
Lemon Stage
Some of the art at the lemon stage



While at Northern Nights I saw many incredibly talented performers but my favorites were: Slumberjack at the river stage floating on a massive group floatie with everyone going nuts, being front row for Troyboi, Griz, and The Knocks, and going crazy at the lemon stage during sunset!

Festies w/ the besties

It is such a unique and tight knit community, everyone is friendly and everyone is their to camp, listen to music, do yoga, and float on the river. It also is a smaller festival so you will get to party with artists and get up close and personal to stages if you want!

Here is a promo video to show you how insane this festival really is (since I wasn’t on my phone that much to take photos because I was already having to much fun)

What to bring:

  • Camping stuff (it’s a camping only festival)
  • Water (they have water refills)
  • Food
  • Slack line
  • Hammock
  • Crazy festival attire
  • Floaties (bigger the better)
  • Comfy dancing shoes
  • Good vibes
  • Birksun if you want to stay charged

Where to Camp: 

  1.  Redwoods: The top place to camp at this festival is the redwoods because it provides some needed shade during the festival (and a place to set up hammocks and slack lines)
  2. The Grove: Basically an open field that is mainly for car camping
  3. The River: Mainly for car camping but also has lots and lots of rocks
hanging around in a jungle gym
Some of the amazing art

If you think you have gone to a really cool festival and you don’t think there is anything out there that is better… check again and head out to Northern Nights 2017, I know I will be there floating on the river stage all day and dancing at the main stage all night.

Be prepared for the insanity

Seriously, check it out and go do something 🙂 

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