Lower Antelope Canyon

From Horseshoe bend -> to Lower Antelope Canyon! 


Antelope Canyon is on the Navajo indian reservation in Lechee, Arizona approximately 9.5 hours from Los Angeles.  There are two canyons you can chose from, upper or lower antelope canyon.  Although I never did upper I would 100% recommend lower antelope canyon.  It is a tad pricey  and there might be a wait but if you are already out there you have to do it! It is probably one of the coolest things I have personally ever gotten to experience.  When you go make sure not to go around any rainy seasons because the canyons will be closed due to flash floods.

Entering the Canyon

You will have a tour guide and have a group of people going through the canyon with you.  The tour guide will be with a local Navajo native american and they will tell you stories about the caves and how the caves were created.  Be prepared to do some squeezing, ducking, and climbing but they have everything set up very well. (wear close toed shoes)

my favorite travel buddy


You are down on the tour for a little over and hour, I would recommend take as many photos as possible and to ask your tour guide to point out the best angles.

Once you exit the canyon you can see what the top of it looks like and think, “dang I just walked through that”.  It may look like a tiny crack on the surface but underneath it is a sand sculpted canyon.

Put Antelope Canyon in your GPS and fill up your gas tank & go do something! 🙂 

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