Diving: Casino Point Catalina Island

When it comes to diving in Southern California, Catalina Island is one of the best spots.  Catalina is off the coast of SoCal and just an hour away from any big port in that area.  If you are into diving or want to learn how to dive you should definitely give Catalina Island a visit.  The coolest part about some of the diving in Catalina is that they have an actual “dive park” called Casino Point where divers from all over can gear up and walk down the stairs into the water and see the sunken boats and platforms at all depths.  (You can also snorkel at the park).

Don’t Dive Zero

Map Of Dive Park:


Personally my favorite dive their is the Sue-Jack it is an 80-100 foot dive with amazing kelp and  sea life.  Last time I was diving the Sue-Jack in August we saw the biggest black sea bass I have ever seen (bigger than me).

Hanging out at the Sue-Jack
The Kelp



Another cool feature about the park is that you can actually “feed the fish” so bring wet cat food or a bag of peas to watch the frenzy of fish!

Feeding the Fish

If you are a beginner diver and not familiar with the park try diving the glass bottom boats first because they only go up to about 65 feet in depth and are really cool to swim through and play around in.

Swimming through one of  the glass bottom boats
My dive buddy 


Another cool dive that is on the deeper side is the Swim Platform.


Diving at Casino Point is definitely worth the trip out there.  It has some amazing sea life just make sure to pack your camera and all your gear (if not they rent gear on the island).



Always make sure to check your dive conditions, I have been their on days where visibility is like diving in Tahiti and on days where it is like diving with nothing to see.  It all depends on the conditions so make sure you do your research before making the journey to the island.  Those are just some of the amazing animals you will see if you dive at this spot, not to mention the lobster, eels, octopus, seals, and whatever else is out their waiting for you to go out and do something!

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