How can I begin to describe the beauty of Havasupai. It is hands down one of the most amazing places I have ever been in this world.  It is also one of the toughest hikes I have ever done in this world.   To get to this beautiful Native American land in the middle of the Grand Canyon you have to back pack in all of your belongings approximately 10 miles.  (You can be a weanie and helicopter in but personally that isn’t in my price range).


When we arrived after a long 7ish hour drive we set up camp at the brim of the Grand Canyon.  It was a truly spectacular sunset.  We cooked some grub and got ready to wake up at 1:30 AM to beat the heat.  Yes, I said A.M because if you don’t hike in before the sun comes up you will get incinerated by the heat.  So we woke up early, and hiked all our belongings in knowing this was going to be a tough but so worth it hike.  It was my first time experiencing the Grand Canyon and boy, it does not disappoint! Walking down in the pitch black was actually pretty scary because the first mile of the hike is the steepest because it is switch backs entering into the canyon.  But, once the sun started to come up the Canyon had a beautiful glow, something I had never seen or experienced before.  It totally made hiking that early in the morning worth it.


Hiking in
still pretty dark

What we did:

We spent the day at Havasu Falls the first day enjoying the crazy blue water because we basically just pulled an all nighter hiking in.  It was amazing away the canyon walls colors would merge with the blue water, truly an incredible and life changing experience. The next day we hiked down the river to mooney falls.  To get to mooney falls you must climb down the side of the grand canyon through a cave that the Native Americans created that has some ropes and chains for you to hold onto.  Needless to say it was super sketchy but really awesome if you aren’t afraid of dark, sharp, and steep caves.  From there we hiked down to my favorite waterfall, Beaver Falls, that was approximately 4 miles one way.  Beaver falls is in an incredible hike as well.  With bright blue river crossings and giant man made wooden ladders to go up parts of the trail in the middle of the Grand Canyon takes your breath away.  Beaver Falls is basically just a cascade of water falls as far as the eye can see.  You can climb up them and swim in the tops of the cascades, jump from the cascades and just enjoy the blue water with the red canyon walls.  Then we hiked back from Beaver Falls, the rest of the group hung out and my boyfriend and I decided to go visit the rest of the falls we hadn’t seen.  Including a crazy water fall jump off of Lil Navajo Falls. (Yes I did jump off a 45 foot water fall).

view from the campsite
set up camp

In Total we probably hiked about 35 miles in 2-3 days

Things to bring:

  • GoPro/ Water proof camera
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Camping supplies
  • hammock
  • slack line
  • inflatable tubes
  • food (water for the hike down, they supply drinking water)
  • a cute bathing suit and a good attitude
  • Birksun backpack no need for an electrical outlet just plug it into your solar charged backpack DUH!

It is one of the most amazing places to camp in the entire world, nothing beats that bright blue water.  Hopefully after reading this you add it to your bucket list :).


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